Start using Free Zone today. Here's how:


Get a Google account

If you are on a participating carrier and using a compatible phone, you can use Google Search without signing in. All you need to use Google+ or Gmail is a free Google account, available here.


Visit on your mobile

Visit on your mobile device, then log into your Google account to enjoy Google mobile services data charge free on the go.


Green means go

As long as you see the green bar displaying "free page" at the top of your screen, you won't be charged for using Free Zone. Happy surfing.

Free Zone makes life a little simpler and a little more fun (oh yeah, and it's data charge free).

Sport Fans: Never miss another match

Get scores and schedules for your favorite teams simply by typing the team or league into the search box, data charge free on Free Zone. And, be the first to know exciting developments with your favorite club or team by following them on Google+ on Free Zone.

Keep in touch with friends and family

With Google+ on Free Zone, you can easily upload photos of those exciting moments and share them with your friends, family, and community. And with Gmail on Free Zone, you can send and receive emails for free. So now keeping in touch with friends and family is not only simple, but it's also free.

Go ahead, be a teacher's pet.

How tall is the Taj Mahal? How do you say “hello” in Japanese? With the power of Google search, you can find just the info you need for that big assignment. And when you need a study break, you can use Google Search to discover all the latest celebrity gossip and sport news.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a data plan to use Free Zone?

    No, you don’t need a data plan to use Free Zone as it is free of charge. As long as your phone is able to access the internet, you can use Free Zone.
  • How long will I be able to use Free Zone?

    You will be notified about any changes to Free Zone’s pricing structure by your mobile operator ahead of time.
  • On which mobile phones can I use Free Zone?

    Free Zone is available on most internet-enabled mobile phones.
  • Which browsers can I use with Free Zone?

    Free Zone should be accessed with your phone's default browser. Third party browsers (such as QQ and Bolt) are not supported.
  • Can I use Free Zone on my smart phone or Android device?

    Yes, you can. Free Zone is available on most internet-enabled mobile phones. It is optimized for non-smartphones or feature phones, but it will work on a smartphone as well. If you want to access Free Zone on your smartphone, please visit your operator’s FAQ for instructions on how to adjust the APN settings to ensure that you will not be charged data for using Free Zone.
  • Can I use Free Zone on my computer or tablet?

    No, you can only use Free Zone on internet-enabled mobile phones.
  • What happens if I click on a link, picture or attachment?

    If you click on a link that takes you outside Google+ or Gmail or if you want to view an email attachment, you will need to pay charges. Before you are charged, you will see a notification page. If you don’t already have a data plan, you will be given the opportunity to sign up for one.
  • What happens when I click on a link in the search results page?

    When you click on a link in the search results page, you don’t pay anything. If you click on a link after this, you will need to pay for this data usage (but don’t worry, before you are charged, you will see a warning page with the option to sign up for a data plan if you want.) So for example, if you click on a search link to a Wikipedia article, you won’t pay anything. But if you click on a link within the article, you will be charged for the data costs incurred loading that link.
  • How many times can I click on a link for free?

    Every time you click on a link in the search results page it is free. So if you have clicked through to a link and want to find out more, simply return to your search page and you can click on another link or search again for free. There are no limits on the amount of searches you can make.
  • Who do I contact if I have problems with Free Zone?

    Please contact your mobile operator.
  • Why am I unable to login to Free Zone?

    If you have 2-step verification enabled, your account will not work with Free Zone.
  • Can I still use Free Zone if I travel to another country?

    No. Free Zone is offered free of charge by your current operator. Once you leave the country you will start roaming, which is not covered by Free Zone.
  • How do I get help for Google+, Gmail and Search?

    You can get help at
  • Which operators are offering Free Zone?

  • I've tried to use Free Zone, but it is not working. What could be wrong?

    While Free Zone can be used on most internet-enabled phones you could run into issues if you are using:

    • a smartphone which does not allow you to change the APN settings
    • a phone that does not support the security certificates we use with Free Zone *
    • a BlackBerry that needs a configuration change to access Free Zone. To make the change, please contact your carrier
    • a Google Apps account to login, please create a account and try again
    • 2-factor authentication on your gmail account
    • a browser with cookies disabled

    * For example Series 60 phones prior to the 3rd edition (see for more details).

  • I used Free Zone on my smartphone and I think I got charged for the usage. Why is that?

    Accessing Free Zone via a smartphone on supported carriers is free. However, based on the installed apps and the phone's settings, a smartphone can run a number of background tasks, widgets, or apps that use data and could incur charges.
  • How do I enable cookies?

    Steps to enable cookies vary by device. Below are the steps needed for some commonly used phones:

    • Samsung Champ: Internet > Menu > Settings > Cookies > Cookie Options (once there, check that 'Accept All' is selected and press 'Save')
    • Kyocera Dorado: Internet > Menu (sometimes called Settings) > Options > Allow cookies (once there, check that 'On' is selected)
    • Sony Ericsson phones: Internet > Menu > Options > Allow cookies (once there, check that 'On' is selected)
  • I see lots of squares and dots. What happened?

    Your phone probably doesn't support the language you have selected. The easiest solution is to go back to the list of languages in Free Zone and select a different language.

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