Become a Street View contributor

Help your community discover new places with Street View

Capture your experience with Street View

Capture your experience with Street View

Create and share your everyday experiences on the go. We’ve got you covered with a spectrum of Street View ready tools and a straightforward publishing policy.

Do more for your community

Do more for your community

You would like to do more for your community? Join the Local Guides program to earn points by contributing photos, reviews and videos to Google Maps.

For policy guidelines related to user-contributed Street View imagery, please see our Maps User Contributed Photo Policies.

Contribute through the Street View App

To help you share your 360 experiences from amazing places around the world via Google Maps, Google brings you the Street View App Download the Google Street View app from the Google Play store or from Apple App store

Alternatively, you may choose to purchase from a range of Street View ready tools

Borrow a Street View ready camera

Stand out as a trusted pro

To celebrate your distinguished status as a trusted pro, all your approved 360 photos must meet the following criteria for image quality, connectivity, and appropriateness.

Icon Image quality

Image quality

  • 7.5 MP or larger (3,840 x 1,920 px)
  • 2:1 image aspect ratio
  • No gaps in image around horizon
  • No significant stitching errors
  • Adequate detail in light/dark areas
  • Sharpness: no motion blur, in focus
  • No distracting effects or filters

Icon Connectivity


  • All connected 360 photos must maintain a clear line-of-sight
  • Shoot at 1 meter spacing indoors and every 3m outdoors
  • Increase the chances of connecting with us by extending your collection to a street

Icon Appropriateness


  • Consent to show people and place
  • Geographically accurate placement
  • No computer generated spaces
  • No attribution beyond nadir area
  • No hateful or illegal content
  • Once enrolled, you must abide by our Sales & Branding Guidelines

For complete requirements, see our Maps User Contributed Content Policy

Earn the Street View trusted badge and be featured in our index of for-hire professionals.

  • Distinguish your published work and profile with the Street View badge
  • Get access to trusted brand assets and the right to market yourself as a trusted photographer
  • Receive more exposure by being featured in our for-hire index
  • Acquire leads as local businesses request shoots
  • Access to a private forum on Local Guides connect
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